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The first requirement of a deal with Dominatrix Persephone.e
There was a number of requirements before I even consider'd fucking that sissy ass, firstly, I expected dedication to be shown and to prove that the sissy could obey my orders, after a trial period, then I consider to force my big dick down the throat of the that sissy, and then fuck brutally and ex... Read full Story
My girlish désires,
I am happy to spend my weekend at home to live my life as a woman. I apply a depilatory cream to my body, which I leave to act for a few minutes before going in the shower. I take this opportunity to do an enema to avoid unpleasant surprises during my girl games. Then, using a razor, I track the ... Read full Story
Liberty meeting , Chapter2
When she strums again on her keyboard, I feel that it sinks imperceptibly but inexorably into me. - Relax my darling, Mirella told me, masturbating me with an expert hand. At the start, I have rather pleasant sensations. Being completely submissive to this machine without being able to stop... Read full Story
Liberty meeting, chapter1
On a beautiful summer day, my phone rings. It's Steve, the boss of a transvestite company who calls me. - Hello Sandra, I have four new friends waiting for you at the club. - Thanks for thinking of me, I'll be right there, I said, hanging up. I am happy with his call because I always meet ... Read full Story
How I became addicted to my toys
How I became addicted to my toys I tell in this story my experiences by showing how I developed my share of femininity and the toys that I use in bed to amplify my pleasures alone or as a couple. For several years now I have discreetly rented a second garage near my home to store my wigs, dresse... Read full Story
Why, I wear a chastity cage ?
Why, I wear a chastity cage ? On the initiative of my wife, for several years I have been wearing a metal cage that fits my clit well. Since then, I can't do without it to the point of feeling naked when she takes it off to wash and shave my hair. No longer able to bend with my cage, I can bett... Read full Story
How I became addicted to my role-playing games.
In this story, I recount my experiences showing how I developed my part of femininity and what I use in bed to give pleasure and amplify mine alone or as a couple. For several years now I have discreetly rented a second garage near my home to store my wigs, dresses, skirts, furs, silicone breasts... Read full Story
The formidable weapon of women
five ears of marriage, my desire for my wife having greatly diminished, she decided to take control of my sexuality. A female association transformed her in a few months into a perfect dominatrix both physically and cerebrally. Every night before bed, she approaches me, dressed in a latex comb... Read full Story
Aunt Susie's Training Part 6
It was now 5 weeks since my cock enlargement surgery and Aunt Susie had been a dear helping me recuperate. We didn't engage in any sexual activity for fear that I would get hard and slow down recuperation. We would still sleep together and spoon at night while we slept as my new 40DD tits were n... Read full Story
Ooooooof! Laughter, female laughter? Was that what I was hearing? It was hard for me to make out because of the buzzing in my head. Another long night of drinking too much, and that was going to lead to a long day with a bad hangover. My eyes felt like they were glued shut. But opening them didn... Read full Story